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when you invest in BFM
Real Estate acquisitions.

Mission Thrift Stores serve an international purpose and serve their respective local communities providing second hand goods and clothing at an affordable price.

They are a wealth of social and spiritual support for the thousands of volunteers who work in the stores.

For over 30 years, BFM Foundation (Canada) has been raising funds to support their Joint Ministry with Bible League Canada. In more than 43 countries worldwide, Bible League Canada provides training and discipleship resources to men, women and children who desperately need the Living Word of God more than anything else.

How will my investment work?

Funds raised are loaned from BFM Foundation Holdings (2008) Society to BFM Foundation Real Estate Management (2008) Ltd. to assist with the purchase and renovation of real estate or with leasehold improvements to premises leased from third parties. Mission Thrift Stores lease the property from BFM Foundation Real Estate Management (2008) Ltd. under a Property Stewardship Agreement. The lease payments allow BFM Foundation Real Estate Management (2008) Ltd. to repay the loans from BFM Foundation Holdings (2008) Society which in turn repays the Promissory Notes and interest to investors. 100% of the properties owned by BFM Foundation Real Estate Management (2008) Ltd. are leased to Mission Thrift Stores.

An investment, aligned with your values!

If you are looking for an investment that’s aligned with your values, look no further! BFM Foundation Holdings (2008) Society is looking to raise capital to purchase and renovate real estate when it makes good business sense. Promissory Notes do carry risk however BFM Foundation Holdings (2008) provides loans solely for the purpose of acquiring, by purchase or by lease, and improving, appraisal-backed retail real estate to be used by Mission Thrift Stores. Promissory Notes are an important means by which Christian charities raise capital. As you consider new investment products or services, always remember the correlation between risk and reward; every investment involves some degree of risk, and the greatest-yielding investments usually carry the highest level of risk.

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