Vintage Coca-Cola Wall Phone


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Vintage wooden wall phone with Coca-Cola branding. This phone is a bit of a mystery, the manufacturer of the phone isn’t listed anywhere on the phone or the instructions. The general design of the phone indicates that it is possibly from the 1960’s – 1970’s however, one of the stickers on the back reads “Date Code” with the numbers 20020308. This date code however is questionable as in 2003 Coke did infact produce a “Nostalgic wall phone” but the 2003 design is drastically different and has a more modern design making it difficult to believe that this phone was manufactured a year prior. Further there are plenty of the 2003 Nostalgic phones available for sale online but we have only been able to locate one other listing for this phone.


Size: 20cm x 18cm x 46cm

Condition: Used – Sold as is, part of the receiver is missing and the cord is fairly dirty. Some small nicks to the wood. The phone has not been tested.


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Vintage Coca-Cola Wall Phone