Set of Antique Glass Bottles


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Three antique glass bottles all from the late 1800’s to 1920 (exact manufacturing dates are undetermined).

– Liquid Veneer Bottle

  • Used for dusting, cleaning and polishing furniture
  • Condition: Sold as is, no chips or cracks

– Western Oval Pharmacy Bottle

  • This bottle has “3IV” embossed on the front, this was a pharmaceutical measurement equivalent to 4oz. Its said that bottles like these were manufactured and sold to pharmacies which would fill them with medications.
  • Condition: Sold as is, there is a crack on the underside of the lip. There are no other chips or cracks

– Beetham’s Glycerine and Cucumber bottle

  • Beetham’s Glycerine and Cucumber was a “skin care” product created in the late 1800’s. It was said to preserve and protect the skin in harsh winters and to remove roughness and redness leaving the skin “soft, smooth, and white”
  • Condition: Sold as is, small chip on the lip of the bottle.
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Set of Antique Glass Bottles