Set of 3 Royal Doulton “Bunnykins” Dishes


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This set includes:

1959 – 1969 Warming dish featuring the pattern “Home Decorating”. This dish has two cork stoppers where hot water is poured into, this is to warm the food on the surface of the plate.

Size: 23cm x 19.7cm x 5cm


1970’s/80’s re-issue Cereal Bowl with the 1936 pattern “ABC’s”

Size: 16cm x 16cm x 4.2cm


1970’s/1980’s re-issue Plate of a 1936 pattern, the name is unknown.

Size: 16.2cm x 16.2cm


Condition: All pieces are in very good condition with no crazing, scrapes, cracks or chips

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Set of 3 Royal Doulton "Bunnykins" Dishes