Satéur Diamond Ring (Size 7.5)


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Beautiful faux diamond ring. Satéur creates gemstones that look like diamonds but at a low cost, for reference here is an excerpt from their website:


“Satéur Diamond is specially formulated with rare minerals using our exclusive, original process in Satéur™ laboratory and has a Mohs scale of 8.8. This is a little softer than Sapphire & Ruby (9.0), but harder than Pearl (2.5), Moonstone (6.5), and Emerald (7.5). With brilliance that shines at a refractive index of 2.39 it is virtually the same and indistinguishable from a diamond by the naked eyes. It is an eternally brilliant gemstone that looks exactly like a diamond with no touch of distinction between them. It’s also extremely durable as a diamond when worn on a daily basis. Unbelievably tough and impossible to scratch its body surface.”


The retail price for this ring is over $300 CAD.


Ring size: 7.5

Band material: 925 silver

Condition: Used – Sold as is, the ring needs to be cleaned and polished. The band has some scratching from use.

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Satéur Diamond Ring (Size 7.5)