Royal Doulton Irish Shepherd Figurine


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Vintage Royal Doulton Irish Setter “CH Pat O Moy” Figurine number HN1055. There is conflicting information online in regards to when this figurine was in production, however it can be narrowed down, starting with the makers mark on the foot of the figurine. The mark on this figurine is thought to have come into use around 1930, information varies as to when this mark became obsolete some speculate it was discontinued in 1959 while others believe it was discontinued in the early 1990’s. The second mark on the figurines foot reads “HN1055” this is an identification mark used on all Royal Doulton Figurines. Once again, information varies as to how long this figurine was in production however it is commonly stated that production began in 1931. According to authors Kyle Husfloen and Louise Irvine of the book “Antique Trader Royal Doulton Price Guide” this figuring ceased production in 1985 although due to conflicting information this date cannot be confirmed. Lastly to those who are curious, I believe the name Ch Pat O Moy is the name of the dog the figurine was modeled after.


Size: Aprox. 22cm x 6.5cm x 13cm

Condition: Used – Very good, little to no signs of age or use


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Royal Doulton Irish Shepherd Figurine