Commodore VIC 20 Computer


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Vintage 1980’s VIC 20 Commodore Computer! The VIC was said to be designed by Commodore with the goal of creating the most user friendly and computer. The VIC 20 was only manufactured for 3 and a half years, this one would have been made closer to the end of production in 1983. It comes in its original box complete with power supply, RF modulator, switchbox, and user manual.


Serial Number: P1627220

Condition: Used – Excellent, the unit is in excellent cosmetic condition with no notable issues, it doesn’t appear to have been used very much. All cable connectors appear in excellent condition as well.

Please note: The system has not been tested in store as we do not have the proper connector/TV due to the outdated method of connecting the VIC 20 to a TV. Work arounds are possible, the simplest method to connect a VIC 20 to a TV would be to purchase a 5 pin DIN to RCA cable however, other options are available. The power light turns on when plugged into the power supply.


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Commodore VIC 20 Computer