Captain’s Blood (Star Trek)

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“Following the explosive events of Star Trek Nemesis, the Romulan Star Empire is in disarray, and Ambassador Spock attempts to render aid by launching a last-ditch effort to reunify the Romulans with their distant forebears, the Vulcans. But when Spock is publicly assassinated at a Romulan peace rally, Starfleet and the Federation are unable to search for the criminals responsible without triggering an intergalactic war. Thus, it falls to James T. Kirk, now retired, to investigate his beloved friend’s murder.”


Genre: Sci-Fi

Author: William Shatner with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

Type: Hardcover

Condition: Used – Excellent, little to no scratching or wear to the book jacket, no creased or torn pages.

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Captain's Blood (Star Trek)

5.24 CAD6.99 CAD (-25%)

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