Press Release

New Name, New Look for Bibles for Missions Thrift Stores​

10 July 2016 – Bibles for Missions Thrift Store recently announced a change in name and new brand for its stores. The new name, Mission Thrift Store, was chosen as the first step in a larger strategic marketing approach to increase awareness of the organization’s presence in each community.

In May 2016, delegates at the annual conference of Bibles for Missions Thrift Stores approved a proposal to rename the independently operated stores across Canada and adopt a new identity and tagline to be used on store signage and various marketing materials.

“We were hesitant,” commented Casey Langbroek, CEO of BFM Foundation (Canada). “Bibles for Missions has established itself in communities across Canada over a long period of time and we were reluctant to jeopardize that. However, after much discussion internally as well as with marketing experts at Compass Creative in Stoney Creek, we decided this would be a good move for us to upgrade our brand. Having the board, staff and volunteers close in the process every step of the way also made a big difference in moving the project forward and we look forward to sharing it with each community.”

After much research, it was determined the name was too long and clarity was needed to stand out. The previous brand also held more meaning for lenders, donors and volunteers than it did for customers. Furthermore, “Bible” carried many assumptions about the stores and what they provided.

Mission Thrift Store plans to increase stores in Canada from 48 locations to 75 by 2029. Shortening the name and improving visibility were quickly identified as key first steps in the expansion process.

The new brand uses “Store” instead of the plural form to reflect that each store is focused on serving the local community in which it is located. The new logo uses a bold, casual typeface that is reminiscent of hand-lettered store signage. The bold line weights and fonts are at the same time friendly, simple and easy to read. The rising sun icon reflects hope and symbolizes the greater mission behind every store. The arch of the sun also doubles as the handle of a shopping bag indicating that the brand is focused on providing a quality shopping experience to its customers. The use of the colour green reflects sensitivity to the environment, speaks to the benefits of what the stores do and provides continuity to the previous brand. All these elements work together to create a simple, clean look that reflects Mission Thrift Store’s future while holding true to its past.

Mission Thrift Store will not move away from its main mission. The Purpose, Core Values and BHAG (Big Holy Audacious Goal) of BFM Foundation (Canada) will remain the same. Instead the new store brand will greatly improve the organization’s ability to attract new customers and share their mission and message with their audience.


Each of Mission Thrift Store’s 48 stores across Canada play a unique part in its community, offering economic, social and spiritual benefits to customers and volunteers. 

Mission Thrift Store exemplifies the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle by helping to reduce what ends up in landfills and providing donors with a meaningful opportunity to give back. The stores are made up almost entirely of volunteers, many of whom are retired. This provides an opportunity to enjoy an increased sense of purpose and to remain socially active in the community.

BFM Foundation (Canada) is a volunteer-driven, non-denominational Christian organization that operates thrift stores across Canada. The stores were established in 1989 and gradually opened across Canada over the next ten years. The highly successful retail operations convert donated goods into cash, and devote 100% of the net revenue to the joint ministry of BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada.

Together, they invest in literacy and leadership training programs as well as serving the Persecuted Church, transforming the lives of men, women and children in over 40 countries.