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The Word of God has the power to transforms lives, communities and even whole nations. The impact begins in the hands and hearts of individuals who want to share God’s Word with others.

The Joint Ministry between BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada began more than 30 years ago when two Bible League Canada members traveled to India to see the ministry first-hand. It was quickly determined that something significant needed to be done to improve the country’s situation. With this history (link: history) in-mind, all net revenue produced by Mission Thrift Stores continues to provide the Joint Ministry with Bible League Canada for mission work around the world to help communities improve.

The Joint Ministry of BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada strategically places God’s Word through four ministry access platforms:

In Joint Ministry with


Training and resource materials are provided for indigenous (native) people for effective and strategic initiatives in local communities to establish churches and spread the word.


Children ages 7-14 are among the highest conversion rate and are least likely to abandon their faith as they become older. They also share their faith with their mothers and ultimately the rest of the family, which serves as a powerful change in communities.


Practical lessons taught in economic skills, basic hygiene and marketplace math often contribute to income tripling in the first year, diseases and sickness abated and a new hope in the Lord.


In many countries, governments and communities may make sharing the gospel challenging. Bible League Canada works hard to support Christians though prayer and providing Bibles and the resources needed to continue their ministry.

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