How to Donate

Join the thousands of people who are already making a difference by donating and help reduce, reuse and recycle!

Your donations help the planet by extending the life of thousands of products every day, reducing what ends up in our landfills and the demand for new products. You can drop off your gently used goods at any Mission Thrift Store drop-off centre.

Greatly Appreciated Items:


  • Food
  • Damaged furniture
  • Animals
  • Hazardous materials

(e.g. batteries, paints, cleaning products.)

  • Automobile parts
  • Large appliances
  • Flammable products

(e.g. gas, cans, torches, etc.)

  • Construction materials
  • Mattresses
  • Infant products

(e.g. car seats, cribs, etc.)

  • Swing sets
  • Marine vessels

(e.g. boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.)

Not all stores accept furniture and other accepted donations vary between our stores.
Please check with your local Mission Thrift Store for further details.

Need a Pick-up?

Many of our stores offer donation pick up.

Visit your local store’s page to find out if they offer pick up.

World-wide Impact

In joint ministry with The Bible League Canada

Your donations and purchases make a difference, not just in the immediate community, but also in over 40 countries around the world.

Green for the Gospel

At Mission Thrift Store, we strive to save you money, while saving the planet.

Approximately 75% of the donated goods we receive are cleaned, repaired and resold. The remaining goods are sent to various recycling outlets and in some cases, these goods are sent to underdeveloped communities providing people with clothing needs and business opportunities.

Make a financial impact

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